In bed right now; just had a shower and am finishing an essay. Today, one of Mum’s friends from school came over to stay the night. He’s absolutely lovely, and he has a motorbike, so he let me come out with him for a 20-minute ride, because Mum’s told him how much I wanna get one once I’m old enough, and it was frickin amazing. This is my brother, since of course, soon as he’d seen I had a go, he wanted a drive round the block too. Afterwards we went for a curry, Dad went to play football so it was just the four of us. Came back, all sat in the living room and ate Ferrero Rochers while I finished off my essay. I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago; I really need my sleep for mock week, but I’ve been alright so far, and I’ve only English tomorrow. It’s Thursday I’m worried about, cause it’s a Citizenship CA which is 30% of our GCSE, and I’ve a five-page essay to memorize before then which I’ve not even completed. But I’ll be fine, I’m having fun. xo