We woke up at about 10 which was amazing; we’ve both been working the past week but it’s summer now so we can finally relax! Ate breakfast then went to Westfield on a lip-balm hunt. Taking the overground through London is lovely; even though it’s sometimes noisy and it smells weird, there’s something really relaxing about watching the carriages float around in front of you. xo

This is past tense because I’m writing it tomorrow. One of my best friends slept over last night; it’s so hot here in London at the moment that we decided to sleep outside, and, conveniently, we have a trampoline. We shoved loads of blankets and duvets on that, and zipped up the netting and took stupid photos then lay and chatted for two hours, and it was frickin amazing. This is a glow-in-the-dark balloon we used as a torch. xo

The weather is absolutely gorgeous at the moment, but it’s so hot. Walking outside is like walking into a sauna. School is finished now; I’ve got work experience next week, which I’m looking forward to, but otherwise it’s the holidays. Today I’m gonna clean my room and sort out studying timetables because this summer I’m going to: 1. lose weight, 2. get fitter, 3. clean my room and my head, 4. study so much. I think once I get all of this clutter out of here then my head will clear too. I have bad whiplash and I’m tired, but these mood swings are worse than usual. (My family also don’t seem to understand that I wanna be alone, so I’ve locked myself in my room, but once my dad and brother leave I’ll go and sit outside with Mum.) Everything will be fine soon though! I’m really looking forward to this evening, this place being clean, and even studying. xx

Listening to “Afraid. Another of the Geography trip photos; it’s the last week of school but we’ve all a ton of coursework to finish because everything’s been so badly timed, so I’ll not have much time to take photos. I’m really stressed out and exhausted after this weekend, which is making me unusually emotional too. I didn’t wanna make a depressing post but I need to vent out my feelings cause I don’t wanna talk to anyone about it. I think the main problem is my eating because I feel like no matter what I do I just can’t sort myself out, and I look overweight and disgusting at the moment. Having issues with family and friends too; this sounds pathetic, but it feels like teachers are genuinely being the only lovely and caring people right now. My music teacher actually came and gave me a hug yesterday cause she could see that I was upset when I got off the coach to walk home, and it really cheered me up. I’ve got a five-hour exam tomorrow which I need to spend a few more hours preparing for now, then will hopefully have calmed down enough to go to sleep, cause I hate going to bed being sad. I’m fine though, just need a bit of time alone to listen to music. xo

Listening to “When You Were Young”. Back home from the Geography trip; was lots of fun, our group had a super cute instructor and we had the biggest dorm room, with 15 people. Stayed up late telling stories or freaking out because all the lights had gone. It was nuts, we ate nothing but junk and everyone was overemotional by the end of it. Am absolutely exhausted now; when I got home I put pajamas on straight away, made a fruit smoothie, have never craved healthy food like fruit so much in my life and put some candles on. My friend bought these rose candles for me and they’re frickin lovely. xo

Second place we visited for Geography; this is the lighthouse at Happisburgh. I think Ellie Goulding actually filmed “The Writer” here.

Sea Palling was the first place we visited for data on our Geography trip. Here’s our school wreaking havoc at the beach; you should’ve seen everyone’s faces when we walked on in wellies and rain macs holding clipboards and ranging poles. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, but we didn’t have time to laze around or paddle.

Am still buried under a ton of work; last day of mocks is tomorrow because then we’re off on a Geography trip which is basically a weekend of coursework. Today was absolutely amazing though, really, haven’t had such a lovely time in ages. We had an English exam and I frickin love English so I enjoyed it; the rest of our lessons were either completely silent and empty or us all cheering about finally not messing an exam up; after school I spent five frickin hours alone finishing off coursework, but two and a half of them were with my gorgeous teacher so it’s been a really lovely day. xo

In bed right now; just had a shower and am finishing an essay. Today, one of Mum’s friends from school came over to stay the night. He’s absolutely lovely, and he has a motorbike, so he let me come out with him for a 20-minute ride, because Mum’s told him how much I wanna get one once I’m old enough, and it was frickin amazing. This is my brother, since of course, soon as he’d seen I had a go, he wanted a drive round the block too. Afterwards we went for a curry, Dad went to play football so it was just the four of us. Came back, all sat in the living room and ate Ferrero Rochers while I finished off my essay. I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago; I really need my sleep for mock week, but I’ve been alright so far, and I’ve only English tomorrow. It’s Thursday I’m worried about, cause it’s a Citizenship CA which is 30% of our GCSE, and I’ve a five-page essay to memorize before then which I’ve not even completed. But I’ll be fine, I’m having fun. xo

Listening to “Time Of My Life" and "Hurricane. Happy birthday Patrick Wolf, thank you for being so gorgeous and inspiring. I definitely do not own this photo; you can download the scans here.